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About us

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Companies that design and make things in the UK are an endangered species.

We have been in business for over 140 years and have a well-deserved reputation for being creative, helpful, and friendly. Dealing with us is as stress free as it gets.

Who/what is Harper’s Hill?

Harper’s Hill is an ecommerce website set up by a team of creative, skilled, and friendly people employed by an engineering company called A E Harris & Co (Birmingham) Ltd located in the industrial West Midlands, United Kingdom.

Trading since 1880, we have many core skills/capabilities including design, pressing metal, folding metal, laser cutting metal, welding metal, and finishing metal. We use mild steel, stainless steel, copper, bronze, and brass to make our products.

Harper’s Hill design a range of attractive £25 gifts to more expensive extravagances.

We do not have shops. We do not supply other retailers. We do not buy and sell those products you see everywhere else. We do not pay trendy magazines to write about our designs. We do not send freebies to celebs so we can claim they buy our designs.

There is just this website, a Facebook page and an approach that puts an emphasis on originality and quality.

What we do, is design and make the products ourselves here in the Midlands. Our designs are not made by other people. Ours is a simple philosophy, we make things we like, and we make them to a quality standard we ourselves would buy.

Our customers tend to be people who seek something different. They appreciate the fact that when they write to us or call us, they are talking to the people who designed or created/made the products they are buying. People who have a real depth of knowledge and are happy to share it.

Where does the name Harper’s Hill Come from?

Based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter for 140 years, the latter 55 years of that being in Northwood Street, Harper’s Hill was a piece of ground at the top of James Street joining Northwood Street. Roughly from 1775 to 1790 the famous Scottish inventor and engineer James Watt lived at a house called Regents Place on Harper’s Hill.

The team always liked the idea of working in the same place where such a great inventor would have once stood thinking about his next idea. It is what we do every day – think about what we could design and make next. So that is how we decided on the name for our shop.

If you like things that are a little bit different, welcome to a place you are going to enjoy.