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Coatings & Finishes

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What to expect from our natural-finish products

When we design an outdoor sculpture, we mainly visualise it in a rusty finish.

Many years of walking around the factory and seeing a huge number of different patinas, created naturally by the elements, has always been inspiring for us.

The time in which the products take to oxidise and rust is dependent on the weather conditions and positioning. The outcome, is a stylish, durable product with truly unique markings.

When you receive your sculpture, choose a position on a fence, or shed or an outside wall even and let the elements take over, or you may choose to paint it yourself. If you do, please send us some pictures as we are always interested to see what our customers have created.

If you choose to have your sculpture or piece of art in one of our powder coated colours, such as silver or bronze, please bear in mind that it is only the items painted in black that suitable for continuous outdoor display.

The sun has a terrible habit of fading painted items over time, but you will find that our black coating is the most resistant to fading. 

Our factory photos show how an unpainted steel sculpture looks when it arrives with you.

Sizes and scale

Please see some examples of some of our products, which should give you an idea of the sizes of designs and how they vary with each other in a similar collection. We will continuously update this section as new pieces are designed.

Rocky after 5 five weeks out in the elements
Rocky after 5 five weeks out in the elements
Rocky just coming off the laser machine with Myrtle, his favourite lady. Donna is checking the quality, ensuring that all delicate details are present.

Rocky & Myrtle next to some everyday items
Our medium and large Baubles
Christmas Snowflake Tree Decoration